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My View of My Breast Cancer Diagnosis

September 8, 2015

Calvaert, Agony in the Garden

Calvaert, Agony in the Garden

Today I find myself in a situation I never imagined I would be. After working hard for years to improve my health, the unexpected entered my life with a bang. I never saw it coming.

A mammogram in early August revealed some abnormalities and I was called back for more pictures plus ultrasound. On that day the radiologist spoke of “suspicious areas” and I knew that I was in some kind of trouble. Subsequent biopsies revealed cancer – not a really big one, but nonetheless, growths, cancerous and pre-cancerous that can’t be left alone. And so, it’s time to consider the spiritual aspect of my bilateral mastectomy coming up.

I’ve written here before about the permissive will of God. He never wills evil, but always brings good out of it. There’s no point in asking, “Why is God letting this happen?” because the answer will be revealed later in His good time and I don’t need to know the answer now. That all cancer is evil and a result of our fallen nature can’t be disputed. After all, if we didn’t have a fallen nature we wouldn’t have disease of any kind. We would, in fact, already be in heaven with our glorified bodies and this earth would be gone. Clearly the challenge here is to step forward in complete trust that He is giving me an opportunity to act on what I believe and that He will be with me all the way. My trust has not been unwarranted.

All the medical people I’ve encountered on this journey are outstanding in their competence and manner. Nobody could ask for more supportive individuals when going through a serious illness. I picked none of them. However it was that they were assigned to me, I believe that God arranged it, and that is truly comforting.

Without a doubt, meeting Dr. Ken Sharlin and taking such a positive turn for the better by following his advice within the functional medicine paradigm has positioned me to get through surgery with few, if any difficulties. Starting a new career doing what I love gives me something to look forward to, and really helped me arrive at the decision to let go of yet more body parts rather than engage in a prolonged struggle to hang on to them. Faithful friends and family standing with me just can’t be replaced.

Above all, I can do this because in prayer I came to this conclusion:

Contrary to what radical feminists and the pro-death agitators believe, our bodies belong to God. He gave them to us as part of our being. I believe we are to take care of them to better do His will. If He wants to take body parts away from us, it’s His right just as it is His right alone to take all of our body at death and bring our soul to be with Him. By surrendering this sacrifice freely we imitate Jesus in the Garden of Olives. There can be only one response by a servant of God in a situation like this; “Thy will be done.” Moreover, a chance to participate in the redemptive suffering of Christ when it comes right to one’s doorstep should not be passed up.

I am in a good place, thanks to the prayers and support of many people. This is nothing but a large boulder I must simply, with God’s help, move around and get on with my life. If you can say a prayer for me, too, I’d surely appreciate it.

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V. Praised be Jesus Christ!

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