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April 1, 2013

Spammers have pushed me where I didn’t want to go, but that’s life, right? In spite of Akismet, tons of spam emails were ending up in the spam folder. They should have been swept away but weren’t so from now on, if you would like to comment on a post, please do the following:

  • Go to the fourth box on the sidebar and register. When I check my dashboard, if everything looks OK I’ll approve you. Anyone who wants to leave a comment will have to be a registered user.
  • Once I approve you, comments will be handled as usual.

I’m sorry to require an extra step, but spammers must be blocked. Please be patient with the time it takes to gain approval, which should ordinarily take no more than a day at most. I do welcome participation from readers. Many of you have taught me a lot and I hope you will continue to participate.

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Monday, April 1st, 2013 Uncategorized

2 Comments to Registration Requirements to Comment on This Blog

  1. Gosh, I am so sorry that you had to do this. I do not get much spam on my blog because I am able to moderate all comments. I do get some email spam though and cannot seem to figure out how to stop it. Drives me crazy.
    Happy Easter!

  2. colleen on April 1st, 2013
  3. Colleen, I moderate all comments, too, but I’m going crazy with the amount of spam in the combox. Akismet is shunting some of it to my spam folder, but I still have to look through and delete it. Happy Easter to you, too.

  4. barb on April 1st, 2013


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