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February 2, 2014

blooming vinca_detailed watercolor on  tan paperWelcome, and don’t forget to check out the other good bloggers at RAnn’s place. You’re sure to have a good time.

The question of the week is, “What was the biggest change in your life recently?” My life is a bit upside down at the moment. I have had a few friends who have gone and are going through extremely traumatic episodes in their lives and I’m spending a great deal of time helping them both spiritually and in practical ways. I am here for them as a tree to shelter under, a safe place for them to say what they don’t feel safeĀ  saying to others, and a comforter witnessing to Christ’s love for them. It’s something I feel called to do, but my life has become very different because of it. The big lesson coming home to me is that if we don’t live a Christ-centered life, a whole lot of really bad things are going to happen, including to people we love, and that without Christ, people are capable of doing unbelievably horrendous things to others, even to family.

This week I have two of Father Abbot Philip Anderson’s homilies, both very rich, deep, and challenging. I have so many things I want to spend more time meditating on and these have been added to the list.

Mother of the Living Gospel is the sermon from December 8. Of Mary we can never say enough, nor can we consider her enough in our meditations.

Sermon from the Second Annual Nellie Gray Mass offers some profound views on the Gospel of Life and the Gospel of the Beatitudes. A fresh angle and very inspiring.

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V. Praised be Jesus Christ!

R. Now and forever!

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Saturday, February 1st, 2014 Sunday Snippets

4 Comments to Sunday Snippets – A Catholic Carnival

  1. This is a powerful sermon which should be widely shared. I have passed it along to everyone I know. Hope the readers here will do likewise.

  2. Michael Seagriff on February 2nd, 2014
  3. “I hope the Lord will not bring me any more for awhile because I have my hands full at the moment.” Well, I must say, Barb, then perhaps you ought not to begin with such inviting questions!

    My biggest change is I moved last May. That meant getting used to a new grocery store, a new bus, a new route to church (that one wasn’t so hard), finding a new hair cutter (that one WAS), getting used to new neighbors. There’ve been no end of snags–like, I no longer know where I buy shoes. I know, it sounds like a senior moment, a serious one, but it isn’t. I simply bought shoes from a certain stop on the train. I know the stop but long ago stopped paying attention either to 1 the name of the store,it just won’t come to me, and 2, its intersection. I always just walked there from the train, it wasn’t very close, maybe six blocks, obviously whistling Dixie and paying no attention to the important waypoints. So now I don’t know where I buy shoes. My last year’s shoes became two years’ ago shoes and I need to solve the problem, so I guess I’ll go ride the old train route and get off and find the store. Will cost me an extra hour.

    So now, there, you didn’t have much of a burden with this life problem, unless you were thinking of suggesting that I just buy shoes somewhere else, but I think you won’t because you probably know that shoe stores that offer you the look you like in several shade options combined with comfort for a decent price is not so quickly replaceable. But I hope you catch up soon, because who knows what tomorrow will bring me?

    Happy Sunday. I’m sewing and bubbling an ox tail soup.
    Janet Baker recently posted..Is Pro-Life Winning?

  4. Janet Baker on February 2nd, 2014
  5. O, Barb- I want to thank you for being a tree to shelter under for those around you. I pray for this so much, that people will do what you are doing. We need others to share our burdens, that are many times too heavy.Yes, love in action, mercy showed, practical help and spiritual support do miracles- prevent tragedies and big pain. Lord is calling his Bride to be a shelter and a loving mom for others. Christ suffers in many, so indifference must dissapear and replaced with sacrificial love.Share with others and call them to follow your example- as you follow our loving Savior!
    My biggest change recently is very painful situation- I lost my part time job in November and can’t find any suitable one. Already we lived in hard situation before- my husband is on disability/ we are poor/ and he has a serious mental disease, that influences our family life out of order. Our kids struggle with it, I feel sometimes, that I go insane. We have no moral or practical support pretty much.No my family here either. His parent are totally heartless and anti christian. I would need someone like you- to be my helper. This situation is really long one- 19 years. So God bless you for following our wonderful Christ and being a light for those in darkness of pain.
    In the homily is mentioned a lie- yes this culture is filled with lies and many Christians do not recognize that, sadly. I came from the country, where was persecution. We knew we had an enemy and who was it and we were very aware of him. Here many people do not know,or want to believe there is an enemy and we are in the battle. They are comfortable- because enemy comes in the sheep clothing- huge houses, pretty clothes, expensive vacations, luxurious cars, good positions, great amounts of food, fat accounts. All is fine in minds of many believers.They are deceived- because he is a father of lies. They didn’t noticed/sadly/, that Christ is not on the throne of their hearts, He is not #1 in their lives- but they are! They build their capitalist fort= prison, but not Kingdom of God! I pray for this too , because their lifestyle causes others suffer, their ignorance makes others die and their greed exploits the masses. Christ ‘s lifestyle was just the opposite.
    Thank you for sharing and spreading His love- we all are starved- the world needs to see the true face of Christ, the Lord!

  6. Ivetta on February 2nd, 2014
  7. Thank you, dear Ivetta, and God bless you. May He send someone to you to walk with you.

  8. barb on February 2nd, 2014


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