Sabbath Moments

December 1, 2012

Awareness of God

Welcome to Sabbath Moments, the Saturday meme hosted by Colleen at Thoughts on Grace.  Visit her to read other’s special moments with the Lord this week.

75 lbs. of deer

No, hubby and I aren’t deer hunters, but plenty of people are in our neck of the woods, and deer season is upon us.  We get a lot of our meat at a packing house in a nearby town because it is cheaper than at the grocery.  Last month we noticed that they were certified packers for deer hunters who want to participate in the Share the Harvest program for needy families.  The processing is free to the hunters and the processed deer is donated to the program.

I asked the owner of the place if we could get any deer meat and that we would pay for the processing, so he put us on the list but wasn’t optimistic that anything would be available.  We don’t qualify to participate in the harvest program so only special circumstances would allow us to get a deer.  This week we got a call one evening from the packers saying somebody shot a deer in Kansas and that Missouri won’t allow out of state deer into the program.  Would we want to pay for the processing and take the venison?  You bet.  For only $95.00 we got about 75 lbs. of tenderloin and ground meat and brought it home yesterday.

Immediately we gave six pounds to an elderly neighbor whose whole family enjoys deer, and we are also sharing with another neighbor.  The rest will eventually be made into meatloaf, chili, deerburgers, and breakfast sausage as we use the meat.  I’m planning on using the tenderloin in my Korean bulgogi recipes. Every time I think of how we are blessed by God in this matter because of the high cost of groceries, it is a Sabbath Moment and a chance to say “Thank you” to the good Lord.

Writing on sin

Probably the greatest help in my spiritual life is writing about the Bible, the teachings of the Church, and  other things that I’m writing now has made me look at my own life and experiences and thank God for His divine mercy.  I hope it is also helping others, too. 

One of the seven gifts of the Holy Ghost is fortitude and if ever we Christians needed fortitude, it is now.  Refusing to participate in the sins of others is downright scary for a lot of reasons.  But if we, no matter how fearful we are, stand up against the widely accepted sins of our day, we will be prepared for the time when we might possibly be asked by God to give our lives for His kingdom and the conversion of our persecutors.

Mother Teresa

A parting thought for today from Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta:

We must never think any one of us is indispensable.  God has His ways and means.  God may allow everything to go upside down in the hands of a very talented and capable person.  Unless the work is interwoven with love, it is useless.  God will not ask that person how many books he has read but God will ask him if he has done his best for love of Him.

Love that Catholic spirituality!

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V. Praised be Jesus Christ!

R. Now and forever!

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Saturday, December 1st, 2012 Sabbath Moments

9 Comments to Sabbath Moments

  1. Hi Barbara,

    If you leave a little piece of deer next to your computer I will pick it up next time I visit your Blog. I’ll pay you, of course.

    Great post once again. Thanx.

    God bless.
    Victor S E Moubarak recently posted..Teaching about God

  2. Victor S E Moubarak on December 1st, 2012
  3. Glad to share some deer meat with you. I made meatloaf with it tonight using Korean seasoning. It was very good.

  4. barb on December 1st, 2012
  5. Hey Barb, that’s cool about the deer meat. I’ve never eaten deer but I have hit one ($4800 damage). What does deer meat taste like?
    Ellen Gable Hrkach recently posted..Sunday Snippets – December 2

  6. Ellen Gable Hrkach on December 2nd, 2012
  7. I’ve never had venison, and in all honesty, I’d probably keep thinking of Bambi the whole time I was eating it! But I’m glad you got a bunch of meat you and others will get to savor, especially since it’s cheaper than what you’d have to pay at a store. One question though: what are those bulgogis you mentioned?

    Good reflection at the end. We all need fortitude!

    I hope your Advent is off to a wonderful start!

    Evan recently posted..Die a Virgin?

  8. Evan on December 2nd, 2012
  9. That story about the deer is awesome. God is good.
    Love your posts on sin and love that quote as well.
    My retreat went well and I will hopefully be posting it soon on my website.
    God bless!
    Colleen recently posted..Sunday Snippets – December 2

  10. Colleen on December 2nd, 2012
  11. Advent is indeed off to a good start. Bulgogi is Korean “fire meat” which is marinated first with sesame oil, mirrin, soy sauce, garlic, and apple/pear. You add green onion to the mix after the beef, pork, or chicken has soaked in the other ingredients first. Some Korean cooks add other things to the marinade, but my Korean cookbook calls for these things. It is stir-fried with onions and served with many vegetable side dishes and rice. The seasonings worked great in the meat loaf.

  12. barb on December 2nd, 2012
  13. Well, it doesn’t taste like beef, pork, or chicken. It has its own flavor and I can’t describe it. We had it processed with beef suet because the meat is so lean. That affects the taste somewhat. I cook it the way I would cook lean beef. Beef stock goes well with it if you want to use it ground up in vegetable beef soup, for instance.

  14. barb on December 2nd, 2012
  15. Thanks, Colleen. Looking forward to seeing your retreat on line.

  16. barb on December 2nd, 2012
  17. Sounds like there will be a lot a cooking and good feasting at your place. Leave Santa something other than a cookie.
    Joann recently posted..The Words Hung on My Lips

  18. Joann on December 2nd, 2012


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