Sharing in the Sins of Others: By Consent

November 21, 2012

Stoning of St. Stephen - Rembrandt

This is the third post in a series of nine on how we share in the sins of others.

In Acts 6-7 we hear the story of the purpose and institution of the diaconate and of St. Stephen, the first martyr.  By lies and subterfuge the “learned doctors” ( temple authorities), who had been bested by Stephen in debate through the power of the Holy Spirit, inveigled false witnesses against him to say that he continuously spoke against the Temple and the law.

Without a trial or confirmation of sentence by the Roman authorities, they stoned Stephen to death for blasphemy. Saul, who had agreed with the conspirators, held the garments of the murderers. Saul was guilty of murder by consent even though he didn’t cast a stone.

In Rembrandt’s depiction of the event, note that Saul is sitting above it all wearing his fine robes and draped in the cloaks of the murderers.  Isn’t that how it is when we sin by consent?  We see and agree with the action but don’t dirty our own hands with the evil deeds.

In what ways can we be guilty by consent?  Here are a few:

1.  Voting for politicians who support abortion and the destruction of traditional families and marriage.  A certain priest told his congregation after the 2008 elections, having warned them ahead of time, that if they voted for pro-abortion politicians because they were for abortion not only were they guilty of mortal sin, but every abortion performed as a result of these politicians was on the soul of these voters.  Voting and electing people who are against the natural law has extensive evil consequences that this country has yet to see.

2.  Server companies that host pornography web sites consent to the evil of pornography.  Quite a few people are involved in these decisions and they are all guilty of all the sins that grow out of pornography addiction.

3.  Facilitating the publishing of pornography.

4.  Real estate owners and their agents who rent sites or build sites used for pornography, drunkenness, illicit sexual activity (under God’s laws), boiler rooms set up to scam others, abortion clinics, etc.

5.  Working for businesses that are promoting or involved in immoral activities.

6.  Standing by and watching a group bully someone or standing by while a “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” harms or kills your child.

7.  Any activity supporting illicit drug procurement, packaging and distribution.

8.  Taking bribes to ignore illicit activities or to facilitate them.

9.  Facilitating the design and purchase of immodest clothing.

If you can think of others, please feel free to list them in the comment box.

In today’s world the tentacles of sin are so far reaching that we must be exceptionally vigilant that we are not consenting to the sins of others.  Patronizing a Hooters restaurant may not seem all that bad to those whose mantra is “Everybody else is doing it,” but it consents to the lust of others and the making of money off that lust.  Choices become more difficult when we’re dealing with major corporations who support “gay marriage” or other actions against the natural law.

God knows our hearts and our intentions.  Even if we lie to ourselves and to Him, He sees the truth.  If we diligently seek the will of God, He will give us all the necessary enlightenment to avoid sinning by consent.  We only need to be willing to take the time to ponder what to do.

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V. Praised be Jesus Christ!

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5 Comments to Sharing in the Sins of Others: By Consent

  1. You are making many of your readers think of issues often ignored and by doing so you are making many of them uncomfortable. Thank you for making soem of us squirm and for so fearlessly sharing the Truth!
    Michael Seagriff recently posted..GET FREE COPY OF "FORGOTTEN TRUTHS TO SET FAITH AFIRE!"

  2. Michael Seagriff on November 21st, 2012
  3. This is WONDERFUL. Thought provoking and solid and affirming of truth – thank you.
    Nancy Shuman recently posted..Sunday Snippets

  4. Nancy Shuman on November 24th, 2012
  5. You are right. The tentacles of sin are far-reaching and nearly impossible to sort through, and my wife and I have asked ourselves the same questions for decades. If we did sort through it all, we might find ourselves not purchasing anything at virtually any department store or supermarket because virtually all of them are in some way and in some degree supporting sin. Where — if it is possible — do we draw a line? Just asking.
    Rich Maffeo recently posted..Why Do We Say It?

  6. Rich Maffeo on November 25th, 2012
  7. Short of building a shack in the wilderness and living off the land in the manner of those early settlers of our country I don’t think we can get away from the immorality. If we can avoid the most obvious immorality that may be all that’s possible. It’s good to do a certain amount of due diligence and then turn it over to God.

  8. barb on November 25th, 2012
  9. “the tentacles of sin” now there’s a poem in the making, Barb.
    Great, thoughtful post, Barb.How blind we tend to be when it comes to judging our own actions and positions on the issues, big and small. This is what makes me a penitent. I’m always suspicious of myself, and mercy in my route. I do need to remember to be merciful, and give alms to cover the multitude of my sins. Thank God for the Blood of Christ.
    Joann recently posted..Into the Stillness – Poetry & Prayer

  10. Joann on November 25th, 2012


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