Peace Among Thorns

October 17, 2012

Pax Inter Spinas (Peace Among Thorns) is a new site where “a modern monk discovers the liturgical riches of the Benedictine congregation of Saint Maur (1621-1790)”.  “Pax” is Latin for “peace”, “Inter” means “among”, and “Spinas” in this context means “thorns” and refers to Jesus’ crown of thorns.  I like the blog title because it calls us to contemplation in the midst of our thorny existence.

Most people won’t have a lot of time to read all the lessons and antiphons (the Propers) of the Divine Office presented there, but even snatching a few short readings or antiphons to think about is worth it.  I am struck by this liturgy.  It gives us an idea of the sheer length of time those monks spent (and today’s, too) in chanting prayer every day.  And that was only the Divine Office.  We can also read the hymns that were sung then to celebrate feasts – hymns lost to us today in some cases. 

Our liturgical heritage is truly awesome. We have a wealth of traditional sacred liturgies which we can access for prayer, thanks to the internet.  That includes the various Eastern rites. Nothing brings that home more clearly than to find sites like this. Check out the logo, too.  The whole design is really classy.  If you are a Benedictinephile, you’ll want to look at it.

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6 Comments to Peace Among Thorns

  1. Thank you for the link to this wonderful site, Barbara. Plenty to read here. But at least one can pick and choose as time allows.

    Much appreciated.

    God bless.
    Victor S E Moubarak recently posted..Shepherd’s Dilemma

  2. Victor S E Moubarak on October 20th, 2012
  3. I love this site. The monk is in the abbey in Ireland that Father Mark Kirby heads up. Father Kirby, or is it Abbot Kirby? writes the excellent blog “Vultus Christi.”

  4. barb on October 20th, 2012
  5. How exciting! I am going to go check it out. Thanks Barb!
    Colleen recently posted..Sunday Snippets – October 21

  6. Colleen on October 20th, 2012
  7. A rich site! Thanks Barb. This line from the hymn speak for it: “Behold the messengers of Christ,
    Who bear to every place,
    The unveiled mysteries of God,
    The Gospel of His grace”
    Joann recently posted..Death and Deceit in Benghazi-Timeline of 9-11 Attack Video

  8. Joann on October 21st, 2012
  9. Thank you, Barbara, for this post! I really wasn’t sure if anyone was reading “Pax Inter Spinas”! I hope to be able to devote some more time to it in near future. Happy Advent!
    Dom Benedict recently posted..Mass of St Luke, Evangelist

  10. Dom Benedict on December 2nd, 2012
  11. God bless you and thank you for your blog. It adds to the richness of my spiritual life.

  12. barb on December 2nd, 2012


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