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September 16, 2012

Somebody said the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  I had quite a few good intentions for posts this week but ended up not having time to write.  So my offering is small, but I hope instructive.  And I hope I’m not on the way to hell.

What is Trust? was sparked by a conversation with a friend.  Ignatian Spirituality: The Daily Examen tells of a simple way to make God first in our lives and draws a parallel between this practice and Colleen’s meme, Sabbath Moments, which I usually participate in.

Why didn’t I write a Sabbath Moments post this week as usual?  Well, I should have written it on Friday for Saturday posting but I didn’t.  Then Saturday I spent several hours shopping for the right veggies and fruits to make home made kimchi.  There’s only one store in the area that has what I need and it takes at least a half hour to get there.  Of course I had to mosey around and look for more stuff for my Korean cooking besides the Asian pears and daikon radish. Then I had to drive another little while to the Korean market for a couple more ingredients.  No time to write my post. 🙁

When I got home, it took me several hours to make the kimchi what with all the chopping of cabbage, shredding carrots and daikon, soaking in salt, etc., involved.  And then there was making the red pepper paste from scratch, too.  Although I had to take several breaks to rest, I got it done.  In three days or so, depending on the outdoor temps, the kimchi will be ripe enough to eat.  (It’s fermenting on the back porch.) Of course, you can eat fresh kimchi, too, which I did.  What kind of cook doesn’t take a taste here and there?

My back and leg muscles started cramping up from the fibro before I was done.  Hope I can get up tomorrow.  But having a gallon jar fermenting means I won’t have to do a lot of heavy cooking when it’s ready.  Just put the short grain brown rice in the rice cooker and haul out the great pickled veggies I made this summer.  Fry a few pork chops and yum! Or make some great bibimbap with beef bulgogi and put kimchi in it with stir fried veggies.

God bless all my readers!

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V. Praised be Jesus Christ!

R. Now and forever!

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Saturday, September 15th, 2012 Sunday Snippets

3 Comments to Sunday Snippets – A Catholic Carnival

  1. I missed you but I know how it can get sometimes! Hope you are not too wiped out tomorrow!

  2. Colleen on September 15th, 2012
  3. I’m wiped out. Muscles in my legs, arms, hands, back, around my ribs, shoulders and neck are protesting. It’s just fibromyalgia kicking up and things will get better soon. However, I won’t make kimchi on Saturdays any more because I can’t get to church today. The thing is, I really thought I’d be OK today because I took an anti-inflammatory last night. Ah, well, live and learn.

  4. barb on September 16th, 2012
  5. No hell here. Alleluia!
    Joann recently posted..Stop Islamization of Nations – 9-11-12 “Freedom is a Process”

  6. Joann on September 16th, 2012


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