Did They Die in Vain?

July 4, 2012

Washington at Monmouth - Emmanuel Leutze


Today marks the official end of the Fortnight of Freedom, with the bishops asking that all churches with bells toll them at noon.  But for us, this Fortnight should never end.  It is, rather, a beginning, a start of awareness and commitment to fighting a new and timely revolution against the creeping forced intrusion by the American government of satanic evil in our daily lives.  Unlike our forefathers, though, our weapons are holy hours, daily rosaries, daily prayer, knowledge of our Faith, keeping the Commandments, and doing what God has called us to do in our vocations.  For some, that may mean direct confrontation and for others, participation in the silent army of prayer warriors.

As I looked at many Revolutionary War paintings, I thought about all those who died so that we could be truly free.  If they could come back for a moment, what would they say to us?  Perhaps the conversation might go like this:


What splendid progress you have made in this land.  You have fine roads that take you to far places in contraptions I never dreamed of.  Food is plentiful and look at all the dwellings!  No one is dressed in rags and everyone seems to have devices to entertain themselves.  But wait – something is missing.




Yes.  I perceive the heart has gone out of this fine country.  Or if not, it is beating too faintly to hear.


Heart?  We have plenty of heart!  We have a fine standard of living.  We can punish people for talking hate about same-sex attraction and activity, skin color, Muslims, and illegal aliens.  Look, we have the first black president who even went to Harvard.  The government is giving us free food, free contraceptives, free health care to those who can’t afford to pay, and every woman is given free reign to kill the baby in her womb if she doesn’t want it.  The government taxes a bunch of rich people and spreads the wealth around so some people can live however they want for free.  This is the good life, man.  We’re all about freedom, dontcha know?


That isn’t what I died for – so you could shut people up who say things you don’t like.  I didn’t die so you could kill babies in the womb – or the disabled and elderly for that matter.  I didn’t die so you could have a government that tells you what you can eat, what health care you can have, and so you could be taxed to death to live even a simple life.  I died so you would be free from government oppression and could say what you think, attend the church of your choice, and have the freedom to pursue ideas and freely contribute to the common good.  I died so that you could live in a country where everyone can pursue opportunities that present themselves.  But it looks to me like you’ve turned it into a country where some people are more equal than others. 

Pervert!  Do you even know what the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution say?

Citizen (interrupts):

Now hold on a minute here…

Soldier (continues):

Fie upon you, mangy cur!  Fie upon your loutish, lazy ways! You have given this precious land, this land where I spilled my blood and gave myself as sacrifice, to the devil.  And I’ll show you how you did it.

Soldier walks over to the computer, hits a key and pulls up a Paul Harvey video on YouTube:

Yes, I know I am a poor writer and this scenario is implausible.  How could a Revolutionary War soldier know how to use a computer?  But I thought this tape by Paul Harvey deserved a Fourth of July setting and gave it my best shot.  I promise not to do this very often.

Lets keep the Fortnight of Freedom alive in our hearts and lives so as not to make those great men of the Revolution to have died in vain.

HT to Father George David Byers at Holy Souls Hermitage and his post Ferocious Holy Souls Hermitage Exorcism Series Widget.

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V. Praised be Jesus Christ!

R. Now and forever!

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3 Comments to Did They Die in Vain?

  1. Actually I think you did a grea”t job with this conversation! Just wondering where you got – Fie, you mangy cur!!”


  2. Colleen on July 7th, 2012
  3. Colleen, I think it is typical English from that time. I’m guessing because of English literature I’ve read. Glad you enjoyed it.

  4. barb on July 7th, 2012
  5. I think you did a fine job with the conversation and got the point across loud and clear!

    I often think about the men and women who died, not only during the Revolution, but through the years that have allowed us the safety and freedom we enjoy in our country today. It is sad to think that in our collective laziness and lack of morality we may lose our precious freedom.
    Carol@simple_catholic recently posted..Sunday Snippets: A Catholic Carnival (July 8, 2012)

  6. Carol@simple_catholic on July 8th, 2012


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